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 Single bowl= $4 

All bowls include your choice of flavored ice,

condensed milk topping,

1 flavored syrup, and 

1 popping boba flavor or mixed mini mochi. 


For those of you who love mango, but find it hard to locate the perfect treat with that true mango twang, this is the flavor for you!  It is rich and creamy with that hint of mango you mango lovers crave!  Add condensed milk or mango syrup and yogurt popping bobas to keep the flavor real or add something like strawberry syrup and bobas for a mango/strawberry swirl!

This flavor is earthy, green, and leafy just like it should be! For some, Green Tea or Matcha is an acquired flavor.  But those who love it, REALLY love it!  Maybe that's you, and maybe not, or maybe you don't know yet! So feel free to request a sample to find out!  

All the way from South East Asia, this authentic tropical root flavor will WOW your taste buds! You will absolutely love this sweet,  nutty, purplish flavor.  That's right, it some how kind of tastes purpley! During our experimental stage, this flavor became a fast favorite of our volunteer taste testers!  Try it! You will love it too!

This is a neutral but sweet milky option so that you can use your creativity and make your own ultimate favorite flavor!  Add any of our 10 flavored syrups and 5 varieties of popping bobas and make a unique Taiwanese fluffy ice of your very own!  If you stumble across something amazing, please let us know so we can pass it on to our other adventurous customers.

This is a subtle creamy strawberry flavor that goes well with a variety of our flavored syrups and popping bobas. Mix it up each time you visit! You can't go wrong with Strawberry fluffy ice!

Once you have tried our base flavors, keep your eyes out for additional “flavors of the month”. Some of them may include Creamy Coconut, Pumpkin Spice, Almond Delight, and more. Suggestions/requests welcome!!!


Saucy Syrup Flavors (Includes 1)

condensed milk (included each bowl)





green apple





New for 2015:                              

Passion Fruit








*Extra toppings or syrup= .25 cents/item

Bursting Boba Flavors (Includes 1)






New for 2015:                        

green apple


Other toppings


Whipped cream


Mixed Mini Mochi

(strawberry, mango, blueberry, and plain)






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