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  • Provo, Utah 84606
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"Where have you been all my life! Amazing!!! I'm in love with the Mango" ~HB, American Fork


"Love. Love. Love. The green tea with bobas on top is my favorite combo. I think the texture is fun and unique- I've never tried anything like that with the ice ribbons before- but I love it." ~AH, Salt Lake


"The best new thing I have had the pleasure of experiencing! Better than ice cream and far better than shaved ice! Unique and simply awesome" ~TL, Provo


"This place was amazing! It will be the new thing I crave every day! So smooth creamy, sweet and fruity!" ~DT, Provo


"Tastes great and is a better than any of the Hawaiian shave Ice around here. Try it!"~JT, Provo


"Hells yeah. You have to try the texture of this shave ice...it's unlike any cold treat you've ever had before. Don't be lame and get strawberry or mango or whatever. We had sweet creme ice, lychee boba, and ginger syrup...already planning our next trip back!" ~CB, Salt Lake


"Awesome unique Taiwanese shaved ice, have tried nearly all their flavors of Ice base and not found one I have not liked! so many combinations you could come up with I will have plenty of new things to try every time I go back, Nice Employees and a treat I have not found any where else around, A MUST TRY!" ~TL, Provo

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