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Five fabulous flavors to choose from!

Utah's First and Only Taiwanese Shaved Ice Shack 


Baobing or 


Chinese for “Shaved Ice”  

Pronounced “bow-BING” 

How is Taiwanese Shaved Ice different? 


Taiwanese Shaved Ice is unique because the flavor is mixed and frozen into the ice before it is shaved!  It is a unique style that requires a precise recipe and an exact temperature for freezing the ice just right so that when it is shaved, it produces delicious, creamy layers of flavored ice ribbons.  It is then topped with condensed milk, flavored syrups and bursting boba pearls or mini mochi!


Our bowls are Green Wave Sugarcane bio degradeable and compostable and our  Birch wood spoons are also bio degradeable/compostable and harvested from F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified replanted / sustainable forests.

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