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  • Provo, Utah 84606
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About Us

Shaved ice is hot! Ok, well its cold, but it is the “in” thing for treats, fun, and chillin' with friends and loved ones on a warm, laid back summers day!  Since there are so many other shaved ice options, we knew that we wanted to bring Utah something new and unique.  

Its a long and uneventful story as to how we came across Taiwanese shaved ice, but we knew that was it!!!  Once we tasted it, we were even more convinced that our fellow Utahns were going to love it!  Still, tasting it and making were two different animals, but through lots of experimenting we finally created something yummy!!!  And we will be introducing it to you VERY SOON!  We hope you are as excited as we are!!!   


Meet Our Owners:

Ivan Gehring

Ivan and his wife have talked about putting up a unique ice shack for several years now.  With 5 children, 4 of which are entering their teenage years, the plan was to provide them with a great opportunity to learn the value of owning and operating their own business.  You will see them from time to time helping out.  Ivan is a builder by trade, but also has a degree in Graphic Design and is responsible for both building the shack and branding the business.  He will also be the face behind the counter on most days for our opening season.  If you meet him, tell him his wife loves him!  



Harry Singh 

Harry is a successful entrepreneur and has resided in Provo Utah for 10 years.  He is an Elite team member and top distributor for Xooma Worldwide as well as the creator and owner of tradingstarpro.com amongst many other successful business endeavors.   He and his family are the owners of the commercial property where the shack is located. Without Harry and his restless brain full of ideas, Utah would still be oblivious to the delicious-ness of Taiwanese style shaved ice! Thank you Harry! Harry has a beautiful wife and 2 adorable sons, ages 5 and 4.